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Natural. Beautiful. Innovative. Resilient.

Mass Timber Prefab Design and Construction.


4 reviews
  • Bill Jerome·

    The CLT homes that CedarStone is designing are beautiful and pushing the boundaries for modern construction methods. As an HVAC contractor, the amount of thought and detail Adrienne and Cueyo are putting into these homes to have them be sustainable, beautiful. welcoming, and efficient is inspiring. We need more of these projects out in the world! Thank You Adrienne and Cueyo (and Dante!).


    Transparent and open about cost, Personable, professional, knowledgeable and kind. Exactly what I needed to start my first project.

  • John R Cogar·

    CedarStone is a new-generation construction firm solutions to today's problems with innovative approaches to homeownership by incorporating radical concepts like "sustainability", "energy efficiency", and "affordability", by utilizing ecological building materials constructed with modern changing the traditional paradigm of yesterday's construction techniques from the roof to the foundation!

  • Jim Darcey·

    It was great to get a view of the homes. They are very sleek and have a very natural feel. I was able to get all my questions answered as well.

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